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The complete solution: Archiving and managing documents with automatic AI-based document recognition.
Everything on your PC without a cloud.

Includes everything you need

Record everything:
Paper documents, Emails, Office, Files, Screenshots.

Manage everything:
From mass archiving to private documents.

Find everything:
Never lose overview again and miss important dates.

3 Versions
For every user, industry and application

PaperOffice One

Brings order to your documents thanks to AI-based document recognition

Includes the basic functions and a central database for all documents, from paper to files to emails.

PaperOffice One +

Can be automated, finds everything and integrates with Microsoft Office

Includes almost all available functions except e.g. NAS, network and multiple users.

PaperOffice Team

Full functionality for professionals and networks

Includes all available features and is the final solution for everything related to documents.

"I'm thrilled that you're responding to requests so quickly at PaperOffice, no scams, no apologies, you do what you say."

Ricky L. Krueger Anaheim, CA, USA

"Just one word: Wow! I've never had such a competent conversation in my 30 years of IT experience, and here you realize that it's about doers and not chatterbox."

Dominik Schmitz Wien, Austria

"PaperOffice is a top class customer service and deserves the highest praise for its service philosophy."

Eric Fruehauf Uors, Switzerland

"Excellent, friendly company, even in my difficult case, thank you very much."

Mike Weißenborn Memmelsdorf, Germany

"PaperOffice is vastly superior to many other companies of all kinds in terms of product quality and customer service."

Jessika Naumann St-Sulpice, Switzerland

"It's not the reputation of the name that counts, but the quality of the product and its associated service, and no one is better at DMS than PaperOffice."

Evaristo Barrera Hernández Higueruela, Spain

PaperOffice can do it all

AI-based automatic filing

The worldwide unique "PaperOffice Intelligent Automatization", PIA for short, recognizes all added documents in a AI-based manner, learns them according visual and keyword features in and stores them fully automatically.

All documents in a central database

PaperOffice supports the storage of all documents and information in a single centralized SQL database, which PaperOffice automatically installs and sets up on initial installation. PaperOffice can also use QNAP and Synology NAS or own servers.

Find everything with lightning speed

There are no further wishes: Unique presentation of the search results directly with thumbnails, the most important information as well as direct display of the text passage of the document brings the best full-text search of all time.

Complete tasks and notes effectively in a team

The integrated workflow modules support all functions needed for daily work with documents. From document notes, virtual "post-its" to tasks with deadline monitoring to completion and resubmission - everything is possible.

GOBD and DSGVO compliant by revision-proof SQL database

PaperOffice has audited and tax-compliant document storage and complies with all European legislation and guidelines for the collection, retention and provision of documents.

No cloud solution and no internet connection needed

PaperOffice is a locally installed application, does not require an internet connection for operation and stores all documents in your local database or optionally on your NAS/server.

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